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Only big talk alone is not enough to present Visa WWA before you all and it is not also sufficient to beat the drum of success of Visa WWA when there is adequate evidence in support of great success of Visa WWA.

There is an ancient proverb that picture talks. The following images show that Lion Dr. K. F. Huda, the founding ECO of Visa Group, founding Chairman of Queen’s School & College, Visa Foundation and founding Executive Director of well known Helal Memorial Foundation all through has been receiving different awards for his great achievements as an education entrepreneur etc. It should be mentioned here that some of the awards given to Lion Dr. K. F Huda, have been received by his father,  a prominent lawyer of The Supreme Court of Bangladesh namely  Advocate Mr. K.M.S Hasan, founding chairman of Helal Memorial Foundation and Member of the Executive Committee of Queen’s School & College,. Well, it is not also out of place to mention here that some of the awards have been also received by others for and on behalf of Lion Dr. K. F. Huda.

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