Foundation is a non-government, non-profitable, welfare and development organization.

VICTORIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS ACADEMY (VISA) Foundation is working for the development of Bangladesh with the following missions:

  • The objects for which the aforesaid Foundation is established are given as follows:
  • To undertake and carry on any humanitarian of charitable program for the poor and under privileged people.
  • To take up programs and arrange exhibition for promotion of literature, fine art, sculpture, science and education.
  • To take up programs to distribute relief among the neglected, poverty stricken people in the event of any natural calamity like flood, storm, cyclone, famine, drought and earth quake.
  • To make awareness among the general public, poor masses and human Foundation regarding their beneficial program.
  • To establish libraries, reading room, study centers for developing and the habit of study for the benefit of the Foundation.
  • To distribute books free of cost among the poor students, Alem Ulema of school, College, University and Madrasha for the purpose of amelioration of the quality of education.
  • To establish run and maintain educational and research institutions including University, Degree colleges, all courses under National University, Foreign University, Medical colleges, Engineering, Agricultural, Business Hotel Management, Vocational and polytechnic institutes, school, college, madrasha, Basic trade course, Academic research centers of science, computer science, literature, fine arts, religions, health and other branches of learning for the diffusion of useful knowledge on charitable basis.
  • To publish magazines, newspapers, bulletins etc. and to make documentary films and to provide with Humanitarian legal service and establish fundamental and human rights service to the oppressed people.
  • To establish vocational and technical centers for poor adult, child education, distressed mother, child and street/ working children and to arrange training for developing skills and to continue social welfare activities with propaganda.
  • To create projects to provide with free medical services to maternity & child health care system, free legal service for the poor, destitute & distressed mother & child.
  • To increase tree plantation management by giving training to the distressed people.


A non-profitable aid organization

Helal Memorial Foundation is a non-government welfare and development organization having a modern, skilled and positive outlook.
Mission: To be established as the happy and affluent community in the society through creating self-employment and promoting skill of the huge neglected and impoverished people.
To ascertain the participation of the poor community in all the development programmes, to utilize their own and obtained local resources and to promote their standard of living by settling them in a honorable position in the society through establishing their legal rights.

Our Rudimentary Programmes :

  • To provide the poor children with all kinds of vaccination including polio.
  • To plant fruit and woody trees and to grow vegetables in th respective crofts.
  • Making the poor mass aware of health and sanitation and distributing medicine free among them.
  • Free eye-camping for the poor.
  • Creating self-employment and distributing micro-credit among the poor.
  • To encourage the poor children on primary education and science based madrasa education.
  • To spread out literacy among the illiterate people.
  • Distributing warm-clothes free among the poor.
  • To run the `elderly male and female education programme’.
  • Distributing free clothes among the cloth less people.
  • Giving practical training to the unemployed youths.
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